about Matti East Jerusalem

Matti East Jerusalem Center is one of the first associations to provide financing and professional services working in the fields of business incubation. Economic and strategic training. Providing soft loans and financial grants.

 Commercial professional escort services, Business consulting and project resource planning services ,Vocational and technical training, in addition to technology transfer and training in the field of electronic commerce.


Mati east Jerusalem Center branch was opened in 2016 in East Jerusalem as a specialized authority in the commercial sector and the business world, and given that the center operates in the region of origin, we have made radical and unprecedented changes, through a good awareness of all aspects of the East Jerusalem economic environment, including social and organizational factors that govern this activity ,because Mati East Jerusalem has enough experience for that. It realizes the need to develop the economic system in order to build a solid foundation for the future .

Matti East Jerusalem meets this need by providing highly qualified and experienced experts from East Jerusalem , "management, staff, trainers and consultants".


Matti East Jerusalem Center is keen on opening new horizons for customers in the commercial field to enhance their position in the business world through the services it provides for development.

 Mati East Jerusalem has achieved a distinguished record of success with its beneficiaries, including leaders and major companies in the field of banking, industry and trade.




Center methodology


The balance between practical business vision and modern rich scientific experience

Support business, entrepreneurial ideas and operations related to the world of business and commercial interests.

 Providing real value through services and partnerships with multiple parties in the business world .The combination of in-depth knowledge of the field, job experience and local relationships


About us: 


A non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to support and finance small and medium-sized commercial, productive, commercial, service, industrial and craft initiatives and projects, with the aim of advancing the economic level of the city of Jerusalem, in addition to spreading commercial awareness to develop commercial interests through a package of multiple training and extension services, professional accompaniment or financing services



Our Vision


A competitive, open, diverse local economy based on knowledge, innovation, creativity, and support, led by school competencies, to enhance and raise the economic level in the city of Jerusalem .To achieve development and competitiveness in the Jerusalem economy and create an encouraging environment for the practice of economic business by supporting, updating and encouraging investment and organizing competition and the small and medium enterprises sector by strengthening individual and group efforts by supporting them with training and economic activities and generalizing access to smart applications distinctive led by Jerusalem competencies and adopting creativity, innovation, excellence and knowledge economics.




Innovation: Creating a positive climate to help entrepreneurs and stakeholders transform their ideas into distinct application results.

Sustainability: Ensuring the fulfillment of social and environmental sustainability requirements in all economic activities.

Integration: enhancing cooperation and complementarity between economic sectors.

Competitiveness: striving to achieve the distinguished position of the center and the beneficiary.

Excellence and team spirit: Working through one team to spread the spirit of excellence at all levels.





The advancement of the economic level in East Jerusalem.

Specialized professional empowerment and qualification and sound business dealings.

Creating young people able to keep pace with technological and commercial modernization.

Developing the small business sector and raising its production, marketing and innovative efficiency.

 Raising the efficiency of women in the commercial sector and providing them with the necessary skills and tools.




Service departments


financial department

Training and extension department

Professional escort department

Embrace department

East Jerusalem Startups 

Professional qualification department

The youth leadership section

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